The Lumen device is a portable handheld breath analyzer that connects wirelessly to the Lumen iOS and Android App on smartphones. The Lumen device uses a Co2 sensor and flow meter to determine the carbon dioxide concentration in a single breath that indicates the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy. The measurement of the Co2 concentration is done by using a unique breath maneuver (patent pending). This breath maneuver is performed through inhaling a personal volume of air, holding it for 10 seconds, and exhaling.

In order to take a measurement, you need to turn on the Lumen device and open the Lumen iOS and Android App on your smartphone. The Lumen iOS and Android App will then guide you on how to breathe through the device using a visual breath assistant. 

The CO2 concentration values and range, which are measured and calculated by Lumen, are unique and personal to each individual according to his Lumen Index scale which is calibrated during their first week of usage.

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